Hello guys welcome to Sunday Pokédata.

Today's data and tips: Fossil Pokémon and how to get and evolve them.
These can all be revived in the Nacrene City Museum
These fossils can be given to you from a guy in Twist Mountain:

Helix Fossil -(Revive)- Omanyte -(Level 40)- Omastar
Dome Fossil -(Revive)- Kabuto -(Level 40)- Kabutops
Old Amber -(Revive)- Aerodactyl
Root Fossil -(Revive)- Lileep -(Level 40)- Cradily
Claw Fossil -(Revive)- Anorith -(Level 40)- Armaldo
Skull Fossil -(Revive)- Cranidos -(Level 30)- Rampardos
Armor Fossil -(Revive)- Shieldon -(Level 30)- Bastiodon

These fossils can be given by former gym leader Lenora:

Cover Fossil -(Revive)- Tirtouga -(Level 37)- Carracosta
Plume Fossil -(Revive)- Archen -(Level 37)- Archeops

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